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At WeBuyAnyMacs.com we are the trusted partners of businesses both large and small. We comply with all WEEE regulations with respect to asset destruction and recycling. Secure handling of personal data is of paramount importance to us and we know it is an absolute requirement for our clients, both from a legal and reputational perspective
All data stored on assets is destroyed using the latest hard drive shredding technology. If your asset contains a hard drive, it will be removed and shredded into tiny pieces so you can be assured it is fully destroyed. For additional assurance, we will provide you with a data destruction certificate which includes the asset serial numbers. A selection of services we offer are outlined below.






Many companies will charge you to recycle your unwanted IT equipment, regardless of any residual value it might have. At WeBuyAnyMacs.com we believe a fairer approach is to provide you a quote based on the equipment you have, taking into consideration the resale value. This means that if the value of the assets are greater than the cost of recycling, we pay you the difference. Even if the balance is not in your favour, the resale value will still reduce the cost of recycling. Why pay more than you need to?

Sell Your Old It Equipment & Assets no matter how small or large the quantity

There may be circumstances when your IT assets are only 2-3 years old but due to a change of business circumstances you want to sell them. This might be caused by a reorganisation or simply a change in the direction of IT strategy. This typically means the assets still have residual value that another company can take advantage of and will be willing to
purchase. We will give you the best quote possible to buy a large quantity of your redundant IT equipment all in one transaction. No matter if you have 5 or 500 items, we can collect them and offer you the best price for your used electronic items. We take responsibility for sorting through the assets and the resale process so you do not have to.

Part-Exchange "it-revive"

What could be better than a company arriving with brand new equipment and quickly and seamlessly migrating your data across from your old to your new assets and then taking your unwanted equipment away ALL IN ONE TRANSACTION? It gets even better as you can frequently use your old equipment as part payment towards your new! We can typically complete the entire process over one weekend so that you can limit the down time and avoid interruption to business operations! We have vast experience of working with many schools and businesses that required a one time
smooth transaction. With our many years of experience in the technology sector we have some of the best contacts within our network who we work with for migration projects. As a result, you will not only get the best price for your old equipment, but we will even source your new equipment at a discount, meaning your overall cost will be even lower than if you did the process in two separate transactions. If required, we have a number of technology experts who can assist with which IT assets should be procured to ideally fit your business requirements.

All new items come with
12 months warranty

For Your Peace Of Mind.

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